Java 8 – Streams and Lambdas

Pipeline programming I’ve you’ve worked with Scala or Ruby, you’re used combining different operations on your collection like mapping, sorting, filtering. When you can create functions (e.g. blocks) on the fly this becomes simple and readable. For instance mutation, filtering and sorting an array in Ruby is one line of: ['b', 'c', 'a', 'ab'].map(&:capitalize).select{|i|i.length == [...]

Preparing for an Agile Transition

Are you ready? Transforming a team or organization to Agile thinking and working requires those involved to be ready for the change. Readiness on all levels: managerial, coaches and the people doing the work. Many organizations start implementing Scrum and/or Agile, often without regard for readiness. Those transitions might succeed in the short run but [...]

The Clojure Ecosystem

The Clommunity Recently starting programming in Clojure, the somewhat lackluster state of some of the Clojure community projects is striking. Programming languages thrive when there is an active community and Clojure seems a mixed bag. Clojure sees regular (non breaking) releases and some of Clojure books are amongst the best development books ever written. Leiningen [...]

Android Tablet – a Review

I received the Asus Transformer Pad. An Android tablet. I have some experience with the iPad (first generation) and have an iPhone 4. So this is my first encounter with Android. The pad comes with Android 4.0 Unboxing The user experience of a product starts with the box it’s shipped in. Unlike some other Android [...]

When not to use BBD (yet)

What is BDD This blog is not about explaining BDD in detail, but here’s a short description. BDD is a way to build software against tests that are defined beforehand. BDD allows you to make sure your whole application is working, not just parts of it. It’s basically an outside-in way of testing, as apposed [...]

The State of Agile Estimation

The problem with estimating Estimation is one of the holy grails of software development. Imagine if you could tell your customer exactly when something is done and how much it will cost…no more deadlines, no more surprises. That would be something, right? But the world is not perfect, it’s complex. So estimation is hard. And [...]

The Task Board Retrospective

When did you last improve your task board? Most teams working with an Agile process like Scrum use a task board (physical or digital). Even many teams that only do a bit of Agile or Scrum will work with a task board. It’s a core practice in Agile software development, not specific to any methodology. [...]

McLuhan, the iPad is the message

Marshal McLuhan‘s work is one of the cornerstones of ‘media theory’. His view on media as an extension of ourself and the effect they have on our society are profound. I was introduced to McLuhan by Mark Federman at Agile2008. Although it would take years of study to fathom the depth of McLuhans insights, one [...]

Front End Architecture

HTML/Java Workflow & Architecture Currently I’m thinking about different ways to set up a good set up for creating/changing websites. When your team consists of HTML/CSS developers on one side that know about user interaction, graphics and layouts and Java developers on the other side that excel at making data available and dealing with the [...]